Hello, Welcome to a very likely sign that I have too much time on my hands... Or a sign that I've crossed two hobbies, digital photography (quite literally) and video games. Project Gotham Racing 4 has a great in-game photo mode that outputs images at 720p. Careful post production stitching together 15-30 shots leads to some of what I think are pretty stunning widescreen shots, showing off all the detail the game has to offer. Awesome looking Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Harley Racing Bikes and more... Getting the close-up motorcycle action shots has been particularily fun.

Motorcycles in the Rain in front of Brooklyn Bridge Entrace to NY NY Casino

Buell 1200 RR, Suzuki GSX-R1000 & MTT Turbine Superbike Racing in the Rain, Vegas

High Resolution (3032 x 1200)


Ducati 998 Motorcycle, Airborne, Crashing in New York City

Ducati 998 Crashing in NYC

High Resolution (3197x1200)


Head On Racing Action, Caparo T1 and YZF-R6 Bumping on the Wall, Ferrari Dead Center

Caparo T1 Racing Yamaha YZF-R6 Bike Through Shanghai Neon

High Resolution (3197x1200)

Rain Soaked Motorcycle Battle

Motorcycle Racing (and Fighting) in Macau

High Resolution (2641 x 1200)

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Leading the Pack Away from The Church of the Resurrection, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Leading the Pack in St. Petersburg

High Resolution (2543 x 1200)


Dodge Viper Leading Corvette Z06 through Toyko

High Resolution (4178 x 1200)


Ducati 999R pulling Mean Wheelie

Trafalgar Square's Admirality Arch - Harley Davidson VR-1000, Narrow Getaway from Ducati 999R, with Ferrari F50GT Close Behind

High Resolution (3671 x 1200)

Tight Cornering In front of Caesars Palace and Margaritaville

Las Vegas Boulevard Cornering in Front of Caesar's Palace

High Resolution (5293 x 1200)


Three Mini Coopers In Front of Chateau Frontenac Castle Hotel

Mini Cooper Race Action in the Snow in Old Quebec

High Resolution (2992 x 1200)


Close-up of the Race Action under Shanghai's Neon

High Resolution (4695 x 1200)